Electrolysis Williamstown - Permanent Hair Removal in Melbourne

Electrolysis is the only hair removal process that is classed as Permanent.

It is tried and tested old technique that uses a low level electrical current that is inserted into the hair follicle with a tiny probe to distraught and retard a hairs papilla (the brain and blood supply).

Electrolysis is a progressive permanent hair removal system, multiple treatments are needed and is extremely successful on think course blond, white and grey hormonal hairs, that trouble many women on the chin and corners of the lip which can not be treated with IPL as they lack melanin the colour within a hair.

For your safety and hygiene, disposable probes are used.

A Consultation is required to determine time allocation. Electrolysis Consultation $30

*Meet with our experienced Electroylogist to determine amount of treatments recommended and time allocation)
*Please note all first time clients to electrolysis and clients that have not visited our Electrolysis Clinic in Williamstown within the last 12 months MUST have a consultation.
*Appropriate homecare for skin health will also be advised to keep your skin in ultimate health during your treatments.

10 minutes $36 | 20 minutes $57 | 30 minutes $79