Eyebrow Treatments

Get Fabulous Eyebrows Shaped with precision and care by our brow experts today!

Experience Eyebrow Design, Shaping, Waxing, Threading and Tinting at your local Williamstown Salon in Melbourne

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“Your eyes are the window to the soul” such an important feature deserves some precious time with the right professional.

Your eyebrows are extremely important to help frame your face, a well done brow will enhance your look, make your eyes stand out and provide a beautiful arch which can be further enhanced with makeup to highlight your eye shape and colour.

We pride ourselves in offering an exceptional eyebrow shaping and tinting service by our professional brow experts.

We will take the frustration out of you trying to pluck and shape them yourself and from salon hopping, hoping to find the perfect therapist. We will provide you with an initial consultation to help determine the shape you would like to achieve. Fabulous brows take time and your initial consultation includes shaping with varies techniques (threading, waxing, plucking); colourenhancingtint (if needed) and we also take the time to teach you how to keep your new brows looking well groomed between appointments.

Benefits to you

  • A more youthful look
  • Balances facial features - Facial features can be softened or accentuated, larger features look better with a fuller brow and smaller features are more balance with a slightly thinner brow.
  • Frames the eyes
  • Refined professional well-presented appearance
  • Make a statement
  • Men - Its not only women who benefit from shaped eyebrows. A little grooming for a male can make a huge difference between a scruffy looking guy and a well-groomed man. Just a little clean up is usually all that is needed.