IPL Hair Removal Williamstown - (Intense Pulse Light)


IPL Hair Removal is a safe advanced form of permanent hair reduction and is great on both men and women.
Our advanced IPL treatments in Williamstown use a selected safe (no UV) light energy to kill the root and blood supply to your hair. Your hairs need to be in the active stage of growth to achieve long-term results this is why usually between 6-12 treatments are required per area.
Hormonal areas such as the chin, lip and sides may need more and are usually treated as maintenance as we cannot stop your hormones, which stimulate hair follicle production.
With IPL your hair needs to have colour (melanin) present in the hair as this is what the IPL laser light is attracted to and an in-depth consultation is required to determine suitability and the course of treatment required.
IPL consultation is redeemable against the first session booked.
Consultation $50 (redeemable off first treatment)

Hair Removal Prices

IPL Face: Lip $60 Chin $60 Sides of face $80
IPL Legs: Full $400 3/4 $350 Half $300
IPL Bikini: Full $200 High $150 Standard $100
IPL Arms: Full $250 3/4 $225 Half $200
IPL Underarms $100
IPL Back & Shoulders $300
IPL Chest & Stomach $300
Maintenance Patches POA

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