Massage in Williamstown Melbourne

If your experiencing any of the below its time to book in for a professional body massage in Williamstown:

• Body muscles are feeling tight, sore and knotty
• Headaches have you reaching for the medication box.
• Work-load and home life are feeling overwhelming
• That last gym workout nearly killed you
• Depression or Anxiety are weighing you down
• Brain Fog has you mixing your words up and forgetting things you normally remember
• Missing some Human Touch? - In need of some tender love and care (please note professional massage ONLY)

Any other reason you can think of… everything is better after a massage!

BODY Massage Williamstown Melbourne


Reflections Signature Massage

90 minutes $155
60 minutes $107
30 minutes $69


Time is of the essence get as much time as you can on the bed, you seriously wont regret it! Fall in love with your professional therapist’s well-trained hands and magical touch during your body massage in Williamstown.
Your Reflections Signature Massage will be tailored to address your concerns and allow you to get the most out of your massage on the day.

Techniques we can incorporate into your Massage Treatments

• deep tissue massage a firm pressure can help combat body aches, pains, stiffness and knots
• light pressure to whisk you away from life’s stress and everyday tension to a state of deep therapeutic relaxation
• A selection of Hot Towels, Hot or Cold Volcanic Rocks, Warm Infused Essential Aromatherapy Oil Blends
• Reflexology, Pressure Point & Stress Relief Techniques

We specialise in Pregnancy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Relaxation Massage, De-stress Technique Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology and Swedish Massage.

A gift voucher for a Body massage in Williamstown Melbourne is a very popular gift to give to someone special that has everything; some precious time out is always a wonderful gift to receive!


Body Massage Treatments

Scrub, Mud & Moisturise
60 minutes $155


A refreshing 3 step treatment that includes a deep exfoliation, a mud wrap, finishing with a moisturising body lotion leaving your whole body feeling silky smooth and refreshed.


Hot Oil Mitt Exfoliation $79

We’ll get to all those hard to reach places by invigorating and nourishing your skin with warm oil and deep exfoliating mitts leaving your skin silky and smooth. Perfect before or after a Reflections Signature Body Massage OR a spray tan (link to spray tan page) or to remove an old spraytan.


Make your Body Massage even more memorable with these add on treatments to enhance your experience and time with us!

Pebble Foot Bath & Scrub $25 Ahhh…Warm Foot soak, scrub and toe tantalising foot massage.


Revitalising Eye Treat $20 An intense result by plumping, hydrating and cooling your delicate eye area.


Hot Stone Face Treat $30 Soothe away stress and tension with heated volcanic stones incorporated with massage techniques, to enhance your treatment.


Scrumptious Scalp Treat $30 Warm aromatic nourishing treatment oils are massaged deep into your scalp for total relaxation and hair hydration.


Heavenly Hand Treat $30 Gentle exfoliation with an energising peel, hot towel and completed with a nourishing massage.


Blissful Back Treat $30 Feel amazing, let us rub away all that dead skin that is weighing you down with an invigorating salt scrub and dissolve it with a divinely scented hot towel. Awesome before a Facial Skin Treatment (link to facials page) or after a Reflections Signature Body Massage.


Yummy Salt Scrub $79 Therapeutic Salts mixed with deep nourishing warm oil will be rubbed vigorously all over your body, removed with hot towels and hydration locked in with a lovely aromatic lotion.


Be Flawless Make Up Taste $30 Look fabulous with a light application of powder, liquid or moose, eye bright, followed by a dash of blush and smear of gloss on your lips.


Petite Organic Spa Facial 30 minutes $79 Pressure Point Facial massage, gentle scrub, combined with yummy organic natural products to leave your skin feeling fresh, nourished and totally relaxed.