Waxing Williamstown

Waxing Salon in Williamstown Melbourne


Do you want silky smooth hair free just waxed skin?
Are you frustrated by painful inexperienced waxing services, where you feel rushed, notice broken hairs pop up just days after your Waxing Salon experience which may even be causing you unsightly lumps and bumps from ingrown hairs?
Would you love to find a friendly professional waxing salon in Williamstown? Here we areÖ You will be able to hop on the waxing bed and RELAX knowing your waxing specialist is confident and very experienced!
When you want to get rid of unwanted hair with waxing, consider our waxing and hair removal services in Williamstown Melbourne, as we are experts in fast hot and strip wax application.
Expert Waxing located close to Yarraville, Altona, Newport and the westen suburbs of Melbourne in the heart of beautiful Williamstown.
Offering full body waxing services for both women and men, we believe everyone should feel as comfortable as possible in a warm clean environment, our highly trained and experienced therapists achieve fast silky smooth skin in the shortest amount of time.
We understand you want to get in and out with waxing and we pride ourselves on offering a fast gentle technique.

Womenís Waxing Williamstown Prices:
Eyebrow Design $25
Underarms $19
Lip $16 Chin $16 Sides $20
Bikini: Full $50 High $40 Standard $30
Legs: Full $50 3/4 $40 Half $39
Arms: Full $33 3/4 $30 Half $25

All Other areas POA
Packages available purchase any 5 of the same area & get your 6th treatment FREE


XXX Brazilian Waxing Williamstown


Who doesnít love to feel clean, smooth and well groomed? Whether you wear a tiny bikini all year long, cycle regularly or you just like to feel super smooth, sexy and clean our fast hot waxing technique will have you experiencing the least amount of pain possible. Get a Brazilian Wax in Williamstown Today!

NOTE: For Brazilian Waxing in Williamstown we use hot wax unless you prefer strip in certain areas of your Brazilian Wax as we find itís a more relaxing, comfortable waxing experience for you!


Specialists in Male Body Waxing


Yes, men need waxing too! Our male body waxing in Williamstown will give you the smooth skin that you desire, allowing you to bare all on the beach or just feel good about yourself in general. We can provide our waxing services for men in various areas including the back, chest, legs, arms, and full manzilian. Choosing wax hair removal treatment as opposed to shaving can eliminate razor cuts, bumps, infections and irritation. Waxing is a safe and sanitary way to remove unwanted hair on a manís body.
Contact us today to inquire about our waxing in Williamstown, whether you are looking for a simple manbrow wax, a more complicated Brazilian wax or are a man with unwanted hair anywhere.

Male Waxing Prices:
Manbrow Tidy $25
Back & Shoulders $60
Chest & Stomach $60
Full Legs $60
Full Arms $45
Nose $20  Ears $20
Manzilian Wax $99

All Other areas POA
Packages available purchase any 5 of the same area & get your 6th treatment FREE

We use our Favorite Australian wax brands with the highest grade hot and strip wax products available. We do not reuse or recycle wax ever; itís yucky.


Super Smooth Waxing Salon Williamstown Tips:


Exfoliation & Moisturiser = Super Smooth Skin

Exfoliation & Moisturiser = Super Smooth Skin

Good Regular Exfoliation is the key to an amazing waxing job so scrub yourself with a riffi mitt & a good natural body wash (we retail these in salon so pick one up a few days before your wax they are professional strength for best results) the day before you wax to ensure all hairs and dead skin are detached.

Moisturise always! Especially the days following you wax, its super important, as ingrown hairs are caused when a new hair is trying to push through the surface of the skin and can't due to a build up of dead skin cells and dry dehydrated layer of skin.

We also specialize in other forms of hair removal


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